Crepey Skin / Skin Laxity

Crepey skin is thin and looks finely wrinkled, like crepe paper. It can also appear to be loose or sag in areas.

Crepey skin is similar in nature to common lines and wrinkles, however, crepey skin can often cover larger areas of both the face and the body.

Under the eyes are typically the most common areas of crepey skin on the face, while the upper inner-arms is where is it more commonly found on the body.

Sun damage, weight loss, aging and a lack of moisture / hydration are all common reasons for skin laxity and/or crepey skin. To prevent crepey skin we strongly recommend avoiding over-exposure to the sun and to always wear a daily SPF.

Good quality at-home skin care, as well as in-clinic face and body treatments will also work towards preventing skin laxity. These can all be found at Sur Medispa however, we also provide similar treatments such as Sylfirm X, Cool Laser, HIFU, Ultralipo, Z wave, Chemical peels Dermalux Tri Wave system that significantly reduce the appearance of existing sagging and or crepey skin.