Nose Bump

A dorsal nose hump typically appears as a result of bone and cartilage irregularities on the nose. These irregularities can cause a bump or "hump" on the outline of a person's nose, that is often more noticeable from their side profile. The preferred look would be to have a straight slope from the bridge of the nose to the tip. Usually there are no health-complications for those who have a hump on their nose, however, for some people their breathing can be affected. The most common reason to have this corrected is typically to improve the general appearance, making the person feel less self conscious and therefore, improving their confidence. If there are medical implications (ie. breathing difficulties) you should consult your GP or arrange to be seen by an ENT specialist who can advise the correct treatment pathway. If however, it is to improve the aesthetic appearance only, then a non surgical rhinoplasty could be considered if patient is appropriate for treatment.

At Sur Medispa we offer a non surgical rhinoplasty or "liquid nose job" using carefully placed dermal fillers to correct the deficit and improve the general appearance of the nose, avoiding the need for surgery.

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