Brilliant service, everything explained to me as I understood the treatment. 10/10 service.


Treated by Lauren Douglas

Stuart McL

A first-class dermaplaning treatment with Jacqueline yesterday.


Treated by Jacqueline Sherry

Jo C

Delighted with results. Procedure fully explained during initial consultation and carried out painlessly. Great aftercare advice given too. Highly recommend.


Treated by Karen Addison RGN/INP

Mrs C Muir

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my dermal filler results look natural?

    We pride ourselves using the latest cutting edge technologies and use the market leading, multi award winning RHA range of dermal fillers. A resilient Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based dermal filler which closely mimics our own natural HA. With its unique rheological components giving fantastic stretch and strength capabilities, allows the product to respect the natural and high dynamics of the face. Teosyal are huge advocates of keeping results natural with their product range designed to respect your facial expressions. Their ethos being "your expressiveness is your attractiveness, why not keep it natural?". Our Clinic Director and Nurse Practitioner is a regional trainer with the Teoxane group and therefore, is highly trained and skilled to ensure optimal but natural results using the Teosyal HA range of dermal fillers.

  • Are in clinic treatments painful?

    Under the expert care of our incredibly experienced clinicians we are able to minimise pain during treatments as much as possible. Facial injectable treatments are carried out using the finest of needles and, where necessary, topical anaesthesia is applied.

    You can discuss this in confidence during your consultation and before your in-clinic treatment, as every patient is different.

    Our skin and body treatments, which are just as results driven, typically tend to feel more relaxing and luxurious. You can find more information about each individual treatment by clicking on the treatment option menu.

  • Who are your team of experts?

    Team Sur is led by our Clinic Director and Nurse Practitioner Karen Addison who carries a wealth of experience and knowledge within the field of medical aesthetics. The Sur Medispa family are made up of practitioners including Dr's, Nurses, Aestheticians as well as our dedicated PR and Marketing experts. With this fantastic cohort of experience our team are able to safely provide our patients with the most up to date treatments based within a HIS approved clinical environment.

  • What does HIS registered mean?

    HIS stands for Healthcare Improvement Scotland. HIS regulates independent healthcare services in Scotland. The Care Commission was the original body who looked over said responsibilities however, from 1st April 2011, this became the responsibility of HIS. HIS are therefore responsible for regulating independent hospitals, hospices, private psychiatric hospitals and independent clinics such as medical aesthetic clinics, including us here at Sur Medispa.

    Healthcare Improvement Scotland began regulating independent clinics in Scotland in April 2016. Independent clinics are defined in the NHS (Scotland) Act 1978 as clinics that are not part of a hospital and from which a medical practitioner, dental practitioner, registered nurse and midwife provides a service which is not part of the NHS service. As Sur Medispa is an independent medical clinic we are therefore regulated by HIS and professionally adhere to strict guidelines and legislation. We are subject to announced and unannounced inspections which are in place to ensure compliance with standards and regulations are being met. With such measures in place, this gives our patients the additional reassurance that when they visit our clinic we are able to provide treatments in a safe, clinical environment.

    When seeking out an aesthetic practitioner in Scotland, we cannot stress enough that you ensure your chosen clinic and practitioner are HIS registered and regulated. Non-medical practitioners in Scotland do not fall under the same guidelines and therefore, are not advised or directed to follow the aforementioned practises and safety measures. Here at Sur Medispa, medical expertise and patient safety are at the centre of everything we do.

  • Will I lose my masculine features if treated with facial fillers or injectables?

    Every faced is assessed uniquely which includes considerations such as gender, ethnicity and age. Therefore, facial assessment and treatment planning is of paramount importance when considering the necessary approach in order to achieve satisfactory treatment outcome ensuring results are as optimal and natural as possible. When treating the male face appreciating the distinct sexual differences between that to the female face is crucial. Enhancing your natural masculine features is the desired outcome and one in which our experienced Nurse practitioner Karen is more than equipped to achieve. Not only is this an area she regularly treats in clinic, she also teaches this indication being a Regional Trainer and Faculty member of Teoxane UK. Karen recognises that it is very easy to masculinise a female face and it is very easy to lose the masculinity of the male face if the approaches are not carefully excuted therefore, you can be rest assured that with her level of experience, results will be achieved and in keeping with the desired outcome and effect.

  • How long do aesthetic treatment results last?

    This depends on the treatment being carried out, and on each individual patient’s skin structure, and is something you can discuss in clinic. The results from anti-wrinkle injections typically last for approximately 14 weeks whereas treatment using dermal fillers should usually last between 12-18 months depending on the area treated and the HA filler used in treatment. The longevity of individual treatments such as face and body treatments, rather than aesthetics, can be found under the treatment section.

  • What about aftercare?

    Aftercare advice and or treatment is available after every treatment carried out within clinic. Some treatments also require a secondary appointment for review or follow up. Aftercare can also be given verbally should there be any specific concerns post treatment. Our team at Sur Medispa consider aftercare a very important part of the treatment process and work to ensure this is available to all of our patients post procedure. We will talk through with our communication process to ensure your safety and comfort at all times - rest assured, your safety and comfort come first.