BBL Brazilian Butt Lift

Our non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift uses highly-effective, industry-leading technology to help you achieve the results you have always wanted, without going under the knife: it is the premium way of lifting and sculpting the shape of your bum.

Our non-invasive Brazilian Bum Lift uses a combination of fat melting body HIFU and shockwave technologies to travel painlessly through the body’s layer of subcutaneous fat, in turn lifting and firming the thighs and buttocks. This combination of technologies melts the fat pockets that cause the skin to be dimpled and lumpy, re-positioning some of the malleable fat to create a more appealing buttock contour. The broken down fat is then naturally expelled by the body, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother, too.

The treatment itself has several positive effects which include reducing loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite from the the thigh and saddlebag areas whilst simultaneously lifting and shaping the buttocks to help provide a shapely silhouette.

This treatment helps to achieve maximum results in a relatively short time, with no downtime. Most patients will see results after the first treatment, however 4-8 treatments are recommended, and can be performed weekly.

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How it works

Treatment Summary

Procedure time
50-60 mins
Potential risks
Sensitivity period
30 mins
Back to work
Recovery period
No. of treatments
4 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart for optimal results
After 1 treatment further improvements across 8-16 weeks
Results duration
Long-term with regular treatments paired with a healthy lifestyle and diet