Cool Laser

It’s the non-invasive treatment the Kardashians swear by, and now it has landed in the UK. From fine-lines and pigmentation to age spots and acne, The Cool Laser Treatment will effectively treat a number of skin concerns whether it be fine lines or scars. It can even tighten skin around the jawline or plump lips without the use of fillers. To top it off, the treatment has a much quicker cooling off time in comparison to other skin lasers that leave you red, peeling and hiding indoors for days. The pulse from the Cool Laser heats the water in the skin and evaporates it. The duration of the pulse can be adjusted for different types of treatments making it versatile whatever your skin concern. The heat also triggers a healing response in the deeper layer of the skin that boosts collagen growth to give the skin a smoother appearance over a longer period of time.

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"The best medical laser on the market, to improve ALL skin conditions."

More and more men and women have the desire to improve their quality of skin and its appearance, seeking a clinically effective treatment that is fast and has desirable results.

"Give your skin a new lease of life with the cool laser treatment."

Cool Laser inspires clinically significant results in just a few treatments for those seeking an overall improvement in the quality and appearance of their skin. The effectiveness of Cool Laser is in no way affected by skin tone or colour.

Due to the nature of the Cool Laser and lack of damage to the surrounding tissue (typically caused by the heat generated by traditional lasers) is what makes this treatment so appealing.

"Within 2 to 3 days my skin had a lovely velvet appearance."

With its unique and revolutionary short pulse duration, the Cool Laser can deliver clinically significant results lasting up to 1 year. The Cool Laser will not only remove unwanted skin conditions and signs of ageing, quickly and efficiently, but also, by using a series pf light pulses, it kick starts the process of developing new collagen and stimulates cell repair, helping the skin condition to be a thing of the past and leaving you with totally transformed new skin.

Treatments with Cool Laser

Did you know?

Cool Laser can also assist with anti-snoring and Juliet.

Before & Afters

Before and After, Scarring
Before and After, Pigmentation
Before and After, Stretch Marks

Treatment Summary

Procedure time
30 - 60 mins
Potential risks
Moderate erythema (redness) - Dependent of treatment depth
Sensitivity period
24-72 hours - Dependent of treatment depth
Back to work
Light peel - immediately, Moderate to deeper depth - approx 3-4 days
Recovery period
2-7 days - Dependent of treatment depth
No. of treatments
1 treatment or a course of 4 - Depending on targeted area and outcome
Visible results after 1 treatment
Results duration
Up to 1 year post treatment - optimal results with at home skincare protocols