The fantastic Ultralipo treatment available at Sur Medispa

Ultralipo uses groundbreaking, non – invasive technology to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. Results start from the first session: when fat cells are targeted in this way, energy is created within those cells to work straight away.

This non-surgical procedure is highly precise, enabling specific stubborn areas to be treated safely and effectively. Ultralipo causes the body to naturally remove the treated fat cells, flushing them away via the lymphatic drainage system, resulting in patients achieving a more defined and contoured silhouette. The skin on the surface is not harmed in any way, as the fat tissue under the skin is destroyed by thermal energy.

Ultralipo is highly effective at treating stubborn fat pockets and you can target specific areas of need: your treatment will be customised to suit you.

The fat melting process continues for up to three months post-treatment. The thermal effect not only destroys the fat cells but creates collagen contraction in the treatment area, achieving a skin tightening effect, and a possible loss in inches.

It is vital that you are following a healthy, balanced lifestyle to achieve maximum results. Ultralipo is not a weight loss programme and is best suited to patients who are at a healthy weight/BMI, of any body shape or type.

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How it works

Areas of treatment

Treatment areas include:

  • Adomen upper and Lower
  • Arms
  • Sides
  • Back
  • Thighs inner & outer
  • Full Upper Leg
  • Buttocks

4 treatments are booked 4 weeks apart for optimal outcomes.

Prices start from £400 for 4 sessions* (pending area).

All prices will be confirmed at consultation.

You can pair Ultralipo with the ZWave® - shockwave treatment to further optimise results and contouring effects.

You may also like to check out our new BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift treatment, for shape definition.

Ultralipo Brochure

Treatment Summary

Procedure time
30-90 mins
Potential risks
Sensitivity period
30 mins
Back to work
Recovery period
No. of treatments
4 treatments 4 weeks apart for optimal results
After 1 treatment further improvements across 8-16 weeks
Results duration
Long-term with regular treatments paired with a healthy lifestyle and diet