Wrinkle Reduction

Our anti-wrinkle injections have been used safely for decades to treat both medical conditions, and now for aesthetic purposes, having been approved both in the EU and the USA. Carrying a wealth of clinical safety studies, our anti-wrinkle injections are provided in a strict setting by our Clinic Director.

This treatment enables the delivery of our injectable in order to cause longer term relaxation of muscles, which blocks the nerve impulse, leading to a smoothing of wrinkles. During your assessment we can discuss with you areas of concern which usually tend to be:

  • Forehead or frown lines, including what is now known as the ‘11’, the parallel frown lines between brows
  • Crows feet, which are lines or wrinkles which appear at the side of the eyes

Wrinkle reduction treatments can also be used for other areas, including helping to rebalance what is classically known as a ‘gummy smile’ as well as to relax ‘bunny lines’ at the side of the nose. It is also a highly effective treatment to target massater muscles, which helps alleviate teeth grinding.

During your initial consultation, treatment session and as we get to know you as a patient, we continually assess your progress. We can help you get the achievable results you require, in complete safety, with an experienced medical aesthetics practitioner who is here to help you look, and feel, your very best.

Indications/ areas that can be treated:

To discuss if you are a suitable candidate for treatment please book a consultation for injectable treatments with Karen.

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Treatment Areas

Treatment Summary

Procedure time
5-20 mins depending on treatment areas & number of areas being treated
Potential risks
Unlikely risk of bruising
Sensitivity period
Some patients may experience a dull headache
Back to work
Recovery period
12 hours of no excessive exerising / sweating is recommended
No. of treatments
1 treatment every 16 weeks
After 1 treatment around 3-5 days with the full effect after 14 days
Results duration
16-20 weeks pending lifestyle